A key holder with matching keychains designed by the collaboration of Luz Cabrera and Malorie Pangilinan for Fab’s “First Things First” competition/showcase for NYCxDesign 2014. Presented with 50+ inspiring other designers.
The concept behind the project comes from the iconic 1950’s phrase, “Honey, I’m Home” which drew images of the American Dream and being able to come home after a long day to your beloved husband, wife, son, daughter, or even cat, dog, or fish. Home is the place you return to, and that home becomes yours when you receive that shiny new set of keys. But even keys need a place to return to. The bees will come buzzing home to this retro chic key holder that also doubles as an elegant wall piece. 
The final design is a play off on the word honey in the phrase. We abstracted the shape of a beehive and created nesting places for each key chain.
The prototype was created from layers of laser cut acrylic, glued and sanded before being painted.
The key chains come in different colors to differentiate each household member’s set of keys.
Since being presented in the showcase we have received a lot of interest and are currently exploring manufacturing options for the product.
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