Product designed for the Natural Light – International Design Competition which was launched by Little Sun and the VELUX Group to challenge students to push boundaries, share dreams and imagine future solutions for providing people all over the world with sustainable energy and light.  ​​​​​​​
Solais is a product designed around functionality, culture and the possibilities of customization. It consists of having a surface, a blank canvas, where you can take any type of string and weave a unique design that becomes integrated with the light. I wanted it to be a space where a person could apply their own personal culture and taste, and transform it from an object you just received into something that now shares a history with you.
It was focused on certain aspects of African culture, such as their patterns, colors and their use of weaving techniques.
The goal was to create a platform for customization, where a person receives a much needed source of light, but also can make it their own, by inputting their creativity.
Modeled in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot.  The physical prototype was made using 3D printed pieces and components from the original little sun.
The functionality of the product was also taken into account, using the same setup as the little sun, where the components can be stacked together to create contact without any soldering, it is also light weight and fits in the palm of your hand. It would be injection molded out of recycled plastic.
The light has a solar panel in the back, to recharge its batteries. It can be carried or hung to receive direct sun light.
The user is able to take the object and transform it into something unique that expresses their own style and story. Any type of string can be used to create a weaving pattern.
Example of weaving patterns that can be made:
Stop animation made for the competition submission.
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